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BCA rolls out its new comprehensive intake solution for Mass Tort and Personal Injury Law Firms and for a limited time are offering special pricing for it’s Joint Venture partners. In October of 2016, Jay Jackson, BCA’s Director of Communications/Biz Dev/Intake published what is rapidly becoming the definitive textbook on Front-End Intake – following his creation of the Six Sigma Approach to Front-End Intake – the book was co-authored by BCA Intake Manager Dr. Michael McAleer and is revolutionary new lead management and intake system for mass tort and high volume firms law firm that maximizes lead conversion, optimizes intake departments and increases ROI.

The Intake Solution, along with all of it’s “Quality-based” principals, processes, protocols is designed to transform a lackluster intake system into a highly competitive and well-oiled machine. This solution is for serious lawyers only. It is a comprehensive lead management and intake system that is guaranteed to optimize intake departments and increases law firm ROI.

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BCA Takes the Lead on Trinity Guardrail Litigation.

Brent Coon and Associates Marketing recently aquired a series of inquires on behalf of victims seriously injured due to Trinity Guardrails. BCA has filed nearly a dozen of world class lawsuits against Trinity due to design defects that were possibly hidden to the general public.

To Read more about the BCA's involvement in the Trinity Guardrail Litigation, please visit the Trinity Guardrail Lawsuit section of our main website.

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Brent Coon Law FirmAbout Brent Coon & Associates

BCA is now at the epicenter of the oil spill litigation. In addition to representing hundreds of rig workers, shrimpers, fishermen and business/condo owners across the Gulf Coast, Brent Coon is serving on an ad hoc committee of attorneys advising & assisting Ken Feinberg on the administration of the $20B Claims Fund. Brent Coon & Associates was the lead counsel in the BP Texas City Explosion of March 23, 2005, representing hundreds of affected workers. BCA released over 7 million documents to the media concerning refinery safety and played a pivotal role in establishing the occurrences of multiple, major safety violations.
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Client Management Brent Coon

BCA has spent years developing new Legal Intake software for use WITH our referral, associating and joint venture partners.  Vertical pioneer, Brent Coon, has invested in and now owns a major share in Law Ruler who are releasing this ground-breaking software to the legal world at MTMP this month.  To learn more about Rule Ruler and the impact it can have on lead-to-case conversion – visit the website here.

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